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About Me

This isn’t just about getting your life organized.


It is about really knowing yourself and having tools and strategies that you can use for a lifetime in all areas of your life.

Christine Kreplins

Specialty Area Life Coaching Certificate, Cognitive Behavioural Coach, Anxiety Speciality & Mindfulness. Empowerment Business and Life Coach 2018

I’m an Australian living in Malaysia where I have worked for 13 years.  I love the tropics, the food, the smells, the tropical storms and most of all the people and the differences between the many cultures we have in Malaysia. At any given day, I can be sitting at a table with people from up to six different countries.

Thirty years of a wonderful career consisting of nursing, counseling, marketing, working in the primary gold industry, retail and then COKOJO. Running my own business for the last few years has taught me many important lessons. Patience, listening to people who have ‘made it’ and trusting my own intuition.

In retail, I have coached and trained senior management and their teams, in both Australia and Malaysia. Malaysia has given me the opportunity to coach within the cultural mix which is a wonderful environment to work in. It presents many cases that are unique and also challenging.

The combination of thirty years of these qualities equips me to help high-achievers discover a way of living that infuses passion with practicality and balances pleasure with meaning. This approach to life inspires people to aim for success in their lives and careers, to aim for balance; while experiencing more joy and ease every step of the way.

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