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Executive Coaching

This style of coaching is ideal for 
  • companies who want their executive level managers coached on an individual basis; so they are empowered to develop their team and leadership capabilities
  • executives who are struggling with aspects of management
  • managers who want to strengthen their message, to develop different interaction patterns and tools to address conflict, handling stress in the workplace.
How It Works

Each session is uniquely designed for you. The purpose of each session is to:

  • Identify your zone of talent as a leader and what makes you indispensable to your organization

  • unravel the negatives and coaching you to be in the positive

  • help you to manage difficult decisions and conversations

  • develop your intuitiveness

  • and other leadership issues or challenges you need.

Office or Online Sessions
  • One hour individual coaching sessions can be conducted either face-to-face (at your office or my office or online (Skype & Zoom)

  • Coaching session times: For executive coaching, we will work with you.

Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)

If you have corporate budget constraints, don't forget that you can utilise your Human Resource Development Fund. 

Contact me to find out more. 

Are you ready to shine?

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