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3rd day of 2021

My blog is written throughout my day, so you joined me at my desk, for lunch and dinner.

Falling asleep with the sound of rain a cool breeze flowing into the bedroom and awake with the same. An unusual feeling, as the steam of the day is carried through into the night and the mornings are somewhat stifling, but today they were not.

8am office desk:

As I sat at my desk, I pondered briefly about 2020, attended to clients from the UK, China, and Australia. I do not only coach, but I also procure products in bulk for clients throughout various parts of the world. Due to Covid PPE is high on the list for new and old clients.

A brief reflection for 2020. Jolly challenging, diversifications at rapid speeds, ate far too much of the wrong food and most probably drank too much average wine. Took on tennis in the last 6 weeks of 2020, that later activity was a positive. Missed family and cherished true fiendish close and afar.

I developed new relationships with people from different cultures and embraced God or the Universe. I would not mention God, as I want to be neutral, but God is part of my life and that I am happy about. The beauty of living in a Muslim country as a Christian is, they have ‘A call to prayer’ five times a day. As a Christian it reminds me to pray.

2020 happened and it was not what I expected! But it made me grateful, it helped me to embrace the simplicities of life, to be aware of who is and who is not true to life, to themselves and maybe even to me. Who am I if we cannot take on problems and adjust and grow from what is thrown at me? I become angry, (I did when I had to deal with some of my factories and others where their pricing was hiked to the hilt) disappointment and frustration rose often within me. I thought we are all in this together and if I do not want to deal with that factory, I can go to another. The positive to Covid is that it opened other doors for trade and clients that may have not ever have found me nor I have found them. A positive in the end.

My eyes and ears were open to people who needed to speak their truth but were unable to find the words to do so for many years. Covid gave them a chance I suppose. A chance to dare themselves to speak aloud of their feelings, beliefs, dreams, and fears.

People came together within their own environments, learnt to tolerate more or maybe not, learnt to accept where they did not before. Took on challenges that might not have contemplated. Lost people because of Covid; may have even lost a bit themselves because of Covid. Perhaps it was time to lose a part of you. Maybe the need of healing or moving on from the negative to the positive.

1pm Lunch

Italian food was what I wanted today and as I am no chef, I booked at table for myself at Gamberoni one of the best Italian restaurants in KL. The chef Danielle is masterful in what he brings to the table. The simplicity of Italy with full flavour that dances on your tongue. I love this restaurant the staff the ambiance, food, and wine.

I slowly savoured two cold glasses Prosecco di Valdobbiadene (not at once) enjoyed the breeze from the coolness of the day and the ongoing rain. Ate a wonderful Gnochi Tartufo e Asparagi while Italian music softly played in the background. Yes, you could have conversation without yelling at each other. Though I was alone, it was nice not to have music and high decibels like so many restaurants in KL.

Dr Alexander joined me for a wonderful Italian wine Scaia Bianco (he is a doctor of wine, I have died and gone to heaven) This man has taught me how to drink with elegance and with knowledge.

We spoke of many things of course exposing the ups and downs of 2020 to each other, but what we spoke of was family, friends, and life now as we take on a new and positive move to 2021.

I wish you all the best for 2021 for a year that is filled with positivity and productively in whatever you want. A year that will encourage you to take chances, opportunities that maybe you would not have tired before.

We can do anything we want if we have the positive attitude to do so.


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