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Focusing on many things - good or bad?

At work I have many issues/challenges/tasks each day to deal with, like most people in business, working for yourself or for a corporation, small or large. It doesn't matter, because if you lose your FOCUS it can throw you into a spin. Remember that song it’s a hard day’s work.” by the Beatles or am I showing my age, perhaps yes; but if you lose your FOCUS then it will be a muddled day, a hard day at work.

This is how I stay focused throughout my work week.

Firstly, I set my goals, so I stay focused on those. This week is filled with meeting people from various industries. Talking to them about coaching and development of their teams. Then there are my coaching clients, some in executive positions, some in the private sector who suffer from anxiety. Another brain switch from Executive to Anxiety.

I have the digital marketing side of my business which needs a bit more focus, including this blog. Just as important as all the above is my time to exercise. That is my priority as soon as my feet hit the ground. Without exercise and fresh air, the brain slows a little. Remember it’s all about Focus.

My gentle ''Focus nudge'' as I refer to it -is my google calendar. Each day is set with what I do and with time slots. My main reason is so I stay FOCUSED on the main goals. Otherwise I can lose track of time.

Having the ability to switch tasks with ease and keep your eye on your goal is all about your focus. If you feel you are losing it for the day, then take a break, walk away for 10 minutes. Fresh air, drink of water (no phone) just 10 minutes to recharge your mind and body. Nurturing those 2 things will help you to focus. The other positive action I do is to do a 5-minute mediation.

Once you have done this, you can easily pick up the next task and you are back on focus.

I asked one of my clients the other day who was having trouble focusing, what was his focus. I drew a circle divided into quarters, named the sections/quarters and put a % in each. Together we were able to get him to focus on the main goal.

We decreased 2 quarters of the circle to a minimal %. They were very important goals for him, and ones he will achieve but they were a little far away, there was a journey he needed to take before reaching those goals. The other 2 quarters, then became his main goals. So, he was able to keep his focus on those goals, but also, he was becoming aware of what his focus needed to be now, today.

Perhaps if you are facing challenges in your life, draw a circle or square divide it into sections and set your goals for the next week, month, year. And focus on them.

Have a wonderful week/weekend and look forward to hearing from you if you need some coaching for your Focus.

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