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Life is short, the life we have been given is a gift. Let’s nurture it.

Allowing unhelpful thoughts to creep into our day and sometimes control our life, only brings negative behaviour and negative emotions to our body which = stress at work & at play.

We all know that stress will have a debilitating effect in some way.

High blood pressure, weight loss/overeating, fatigue, doubting yourself at every turn, and of course there is fear that goes with all of this. In fact, fear is often the cause of stress.

“Think of a yacht with its rudder positioned to the left or to the right of dead straight ahead, but the direction you are wanting is straight ahead; then having the rudder positioned to the left or right will not get you there.”

Same with our thoughts. If we are wanting a positive outcome, these thoughts cannot be consumed by negatives. Sometimes we will go off the road but for a healthy mind and life we require to get back on track.

1. Replace a positive thought by understanding where your negative thoughts come from. Ask yourself this question – What am I fearful of – failure? Then ask why am I going to fail? Where did that thought come from?

2. Unwrapping those questions will give you some insight to why you have these thoughts.

3. Once you have exposed that, then replace that thought with the positive thought.

For more on how I can help you, please email or call me.

or call or whatsapp +60163841466

Have a fun stress free day.


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