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A reflection, patience is love and love is kindness

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

In a world that is fast and furious we often do not take a step back to really appreciate what we have in life.

Take me this week. My cat Tash, 14 months old, is into everything you can think of especially racing around the house at a full-on speed. She has her basket at my desk and follows me around like a puppy when I move. She has the best purrs and allows me to pat her as many times a day as I want. I live in a 6th floor apartment and she will hang off the balcony edge with a glee in her eye. Tash brightens my day.

Two days ago, she disappeared from my balcony. As of writing this blog, she still has not returned.

Patience is love and love is kindness, this is what Tash really brought home to me. In learning patience, it opens so many doors to who people are, how they think and helps us to develop the ‘listening’ ear. As a coach, listening is the absolute necessary skill. Without that skill, one will miss so much in conversations. As I sit here writing this I think of the days when Tash challenged me with her oddities. For example, her constant need to scratch my sofa instead of on the scratching pole I have.

In a life that is filled with challenges, sometimes we will be brisk, off handed and unkind, maybe not intentionally but it does happen. For example, at work we may not say hello to the person at reception, or the person that opens the door for us. The person who looks after the plants. We may not acknowledge a work colleague that we find unfriendly or annoying. Remember all these negative actions, unkind actions in the workplace and outside of work bring only negative thoughts and behaviour. Do we really want to be like this, do we really want to brush off someone because they are not our version of perfection or success? Taking time to listen to others is showing patience and kindness no matter where they are on the work or life ladder.

The more we give in life, the happier we will be. It also allows ‘us’ to be a better person. So, the next time the doorman or coffee person or a colleague that you have not acknowledged, remember, kindness will make their day and yours.

Take time to breathe, look around, love, be patient and take an opportunity to be kind.

Tash returned last night; she was found under the balcony on the 1st floor. She is happy, not hurt and back at sitting at my desk.

Have a wonderful week.


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