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Possibilities from our time with Covid19

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Hi, I am an Executive Coach and an International Procurement Manager. Both I love to do. It’s so fortunate I have that opportunity to follow my two passions for work. One to help people reach their best but more importantly to know themselves so they can be what they want to be. The other to find products for projects through procurement.

Today I want to speak about procurement. I procure most products in quantity (20’/40’ containers) from construction to furniture to a factory in Malaysia where we produce uniforms. (So, if you need anything, drop me an email.) or

This week I was asked to procure Denatured Ethanol, used in hand sanitiser, so at present the price is very high and the validity of it is precarious to say the least (some with outrageous pricing).

For the first time in 7 years I started to look in Australia for a product. I was so excited!

Unfortunately for me, but not for this Australian distillery they were gearing up to supply hand sanitiser for their country, which was wonderful to hear of their diversity. What really excited me was that in every country there could be an opportunity to bring manufacturing back to their country. Of course, for this to happen, the consumer cannot demand the ‘cheapest’ in what they buy. In Australia the wages are higher so always the production of that product will be higher than from other countries where they import from (yes, I know cost of living varies from country to country).

With a long-term view and not a short-term view, countries may become healthier in the way they do business. So instead of greed dictating as sometimes it does, a new refreshing awareness of community and progress for the country develops.

I think the important lesson for me with this Virus is becoming aware of the environment, how our skies are blue and clear in Malaysia, how some parts of the ocean life can now breathe with vitality. Socially how we connect with our friends and family maybe more often that we would normally. The possibility of new Industry within the country we live in. The list is endless!

As people often now say, keep safe, be aware. I want to add be kind to yourself and to the family and friends you are now living with 24/7.

Have a wonderful day


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