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28th day of January 2021 Thoughts & Emotions.

How much room do you leave in your routine & predictable life do you have for the unknown.?

Thoughts and Emotions, I love this subject! These really can mess up a day. Let us take a quick look at how they make or break your day.

For example, on waking, I pray to God to say thanks for the safety of the night and acknowledge how grateful I am to have the people that love me in my life.

I read my emails, check the news. Then I get up throw on my shorts and tee, exercise my ‘fabulous 50s’ gentle exercise, never the same exercise. If you do not do any exercise and you are looking for something light this is a fun way to stretch and strengthen the body. I then meditate (favourite part of my day besides making money) shower, dress, cup of tea and sit at my desk early with the sun just about to rise. Ready for the unknown of my day.

A bit on how meditation helps me. I am speaking of the thoughts and emotions (records of the past that are negative and disturbing to life) These could rule my body throughout the day if I allow them to do so, it’s a bit like living in the past and allowing nothing new to happen for the future. If I allow my stress levels to heighten, problems, pain, and fear to nibble away at me, then I’m not creating something new or allowing space for that to happen.

Would you want to work and live with that anxiety in your life, unless maybe you are addicted to it?

Mediation allows us time to switch out of those thoughts and emotions and go into the present moment disinvesting your energy into the past. It gives us the opportunity to exist in the now. When you are in the present moment, your familiar past, your predicable future no longer exists. Then there is the creation of new possibilities.

Let’s do a 1-minute meditation: Find a comfortable spot in your home or wherever you are. Close your eyes scan through your body and then take a full deep in breath and then a slow out breath then repeat. Allowing your breath to assume its natural rhythm. Be in the present.

Have a wonderful day.

Christine. xx

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