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Are you feeling stressed?

Is your team unmotivated?
Do you have staffing problems?
Have you not spent quality time with your family in weeks?
You are struggling to get to sleep?
Then one of these programmes is for you.

Men and women who are feeling stressed, stuck and unfulfilled but are not sure why can benefit from this one-to-one to transform your life.


Great for companies who want their executive level managers coached on an individual basis to find professional success and enhanced productivity.


Great for companies who want their executives to manage a healthier, happier life and participate in a more productive workplace environment.

Together, Christine and I came up with several ways to improve my direction and focus in my career. She has methodically and with great patience helped me work on my weaknesses so that they do not hold me back, and to bring out my strengths as to help me gain greater traction in reaching my goals. She invested a lot of time and energy into our sessions and has been patiently pushing me to realize my potential and I can tell that she really cared about my development.

Christian B.

Business Development Manager, Prota Asia

Coaches do not treat or otherwise counsel those with mental illness. Life coaches work with clients to assess their current situations and to help clients make concrete plans for achieving their goals and objectives. 

Ethical Responsibility: Coaches have a moral and (arguably) legal obligation to refer clients in need of mental health services to an appropriate licensed professional.

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