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One To One Coaching

This style of coaching is ideal for men and women
  • who are feeling stuck and unfulfilled but are not sure why
  • who are facing divorce, separation, illness; or have personal challenges
  • who are suffering from stress in general, social, phobias areas & panic attacks
  • who display physical aspects of stress – insomnia, frequent headaches, having difficulty quieting the mind excessive worry, feeling overwhelmed, poor concentration and other.
How It Works

Each session is uniquely designed for you. The purpose of each session is to:

  • give you control over your own learning process, support you in clarifying your goals and provide you with the reflective space to enable you to make sense of your lives and help you to become empowered to make the changes

  • unwrap your identity and where you are in your thought process. I will give you life tools to replace old beliefs with new beliefs. These beliefs usually come from an early age. If there are deep rooted old beliefs I will use different techniques to help you change

  • help you with Mindfulness - this is about paying attention in a way that creates space for insight, balance and equanimity, and without judgment.

  • learn short meditations to focus on the new learning of the sessions

Office or Online Sessions
  • One hour individual coaching sessions can be conducted either face-to-face (at your office or my office) or online

  • Coaching session times: AM: anytime between 9.00 to 12 noon and PM: anytime between 2.00 to 5.00 or 6:30 to 8:30. 

Walk and Talk in the Botanical Gardens (Adelaide) 
  • Individual walk and talk sessions are conducted at the Botanical gardens. These are a one-to-one walk and talk session taking about one and a half hours.  They are casual yet focused and surrounded by nature. They enable you to be relaxed, engaged and focused. We walk, talk, sit and can meditate.  ​

  • Coaching session times: AM: 6:30, 8.00, 9:30,11.00 and PM: 1.00, 2:30

Are you ready for a change?

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