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Let me walk each step to your success

Let me help you from a state of chaos, confusion or fear to a state of empowerment & strength
Not sure how to start?

About Me

I'm Christine. I've thirty years of a wonderful career consisting of nursing, marketing, working in the primary gold industry, retail and procurement. Over the years many I have learnt so much, and this has taught me many important lessons. Patience, listening to people and trusting my own intuition.

I am a life coach who has been helping people around the world lie their best lives since  2018.


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Executive Coaching

Great for companies who want their executive level managers coached on an individual basis to find professional success and enhanced productivity

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Men and women who are feeling stressed, stuck and unfulfilled but are not sure why can benefit from this one-to-one to transform your life.

Successful Work Team
Stress & Performance Management

Great for companies who want their executives to manage a healthier, happier life and participate in a more productive workplace environment.


Istighfar Hamidon

Had the privilege to work with Christine Kreplins back in 2010. We were attached to Courts Malaysia then under the Compliance Department. Much was taught as it helped me developed my skills to where I am today. Being in Compliance, Christine taught me the importance of "Processes", "Burden of Proof", "Audit Trail" and "Attention to Details". Such a commendable coach. Her track record and proven methods vouches for her integrity. She practices all the traits of a great leader.

Courts Malaysia

Just Being Social

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