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Self Esteem & Confidence?

I enjoy receiving affirmation, and why not, it’s a great to hear ‘yes, you are doing a wonderful job’ yes, you’re the best aunt, yes to all positive affirmations. You know that saying ‘fake it till you make it’? That’s not a healthy way to build your self-esteem and confidence.

So, I ask you my reader, is your self esteem built on other people’s affirmations and are they propping you up? If so, it is most probably time to look at who you are and how you see your ‘ideal self’.

Is it time to be confident about yourself and know and trust it’s ok to be yourself?

When you are a beginner at something, it’s ok to be a little less confident because you are learning. You are doing what you are learning, making mistakes, fumbling every now and again. Remember real action and experience will give you the confidence.

Think of when you started to drive. The first time was scary for me, will I be able to stop in time, can I pass this car in front of me. Wow, I was so scared, but my dad said to me, ‘it’s ok, you have the knowledge of the road rules, you have driven in the farm paddocks, so now put that practice and knowledge together on the road. Once I understood that, accepted that I had the knowledge, I had a safe car to drive in, I was then off driving that mini minor like it was a Ferrari.

So, how do you start to build your self-esteem and confidence. Here are some tips.

1. Be true to yourself and know your values and stick to them.

2. Be kind to yourself mentally and physically.

3. Be aware of your inner self, don’t self-doubt.

Core values are an absolute necessity in life for you to be your ‘ideal self’ do you know these? My core value is kindness; I always strive to be kind, sometimes I stumble, but I never stray far away from that core value. Why not have a go at identifying your core values. When you do this, your self-esteem will grow because your true self esteem will act in alignment with your values. Your goals, your skills, your knowledge will follow on from that. When you build self-esteem and confidence from the core, you will reach your potential.

Push beyond your confidence, real action and experience is what will build your confidence and self-esteem.

Thanks for taking to read my blog.

I am doing online (skype - christinekreplins or zoom) coaching sessions now, and its lots of fun. Message me and book a time so I can help you to be the best of yourself, your ideal self.


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